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I mentioned in a previous post that many student’s notebooks look the same. In an attempt to avoid blending in with the masses I used my Moleskin as a canvas. 139 more words



This is the second draft of an entry I’d near enough all but completed before my version of office decided it wanted to crash and delete all my work. 1,633 more words


Bob was walking to his house when he bumped into Eva (nickname for her real name Devil) and she is a witch. She fell in dirty muddy water Now all her cloths are messed up and she has to get naked She is so ferocious with Bob that she turned him into her butt,boobs,fees,toes,hands,fingers,eyes,toe nails,finger nails,vagina,mouth,ears,hair,skin,nose,panties,pants,bra,dress,shirt,and etc. 35 more words


No More “Dead” Broke

In a interview with NBC, former President Bill Clinton has “joined” wife Hillary Clinton in claiming that they were “dead broke” when they left the White House in 2001. 814 more words


The "clitourethrovaginal complex" (continued)

This being one of the more popular topics here (“no G-Spot! oh, it’s the CUV region now, whew”), it deserves a follow up. The idea of this being a complex, rather than a discrete spot, is not new. 545 more words


Original sin and sex


In Judaism unlike Christianity  belief in original sin does not exist.I think the notion  original sin is one of the most damaging aspects of Christianity,It was promulgated by… 116 more words



Fernando Montes Vera y Gabriel Dallas.

“Tuve una amiga gorda, en la adolescencia, pero nunca salía con ella porque no quería que me vieran con una gorda” 896 more words

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