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This is not the Cold War. For some it’s a bit warmer

With Russia allegedly financing pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine, and the seizure of Crimea, the question resonating through Western media sources is: ‘Is this a new Cold War?’ 642 more words

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John Walker, head of Cold-War-era Soviet spy ring, dies in prison

By JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | intelNews.org
A retired United States Navy sailor, who led one of the most prolific Soviet spy rings in America during the Cold War, and made over $2 million in the process, has died in prison, where he had been serving a life sentence. 390 more words

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Crimea and Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine is the country which faced many wars in the past. Especially wars with Mongols, Turks and Polish. Initially this land was ruled by Sumerians and Scythians joined them. 306 more words

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Risky Business

If you’ve read a few of these blog posts, you may have picked up on a fascination I have with the conflict between ideals, whether between differing ideals or the conflict on how to go after the same ideal.  1,540 more words

Celebrity Sim Attack And Local Group Change

Christina Aguilera is now attacking me on the Sims again.  Her story is backed by Vladimir Putin that herself is rich and myself is poor, this is due to not me being not income qualified but only income qualified. 309 more words

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Lenin in Yerevan

Many of you know the all-too-famous statue of Lenin that used to adorn Republic Square (previously Lenin Square) in Yerevan. It stood ad locutio in the southwestern corner of the square from 1940 to 1991, when it was ceremoniously removed from its pedestal and deposited, along with its era, in the History Museum of Armenia. 552 more words


Why Are We Cool With Lenin?

The other day I met up with my friend and colleague Scott Handcock for lunch at the Cardiff branch of Cosy Club. For the uninitiated, Cosy Club is a vaguely hipsterish chain of restaurants describing themselves as “gents club meets village hall meets cricket club”. 831 more words

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