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Sea View Asylum

Located in a tiny town on a remote coast of New Zealand lies this bizarre and mysterious old mental hospitals decommissioned in the 90’s, amazingly throughout it’s operation there were no reports of mistreatment unlike other hospitals of this era, however due to the remoteness of this place it makes you wonder even more what really happened between these walls with electric shock treatment being just one of the horrible treatments used at the time. 58 more words


Window Through The Keyhole

2 shot composite, one of the window through the key hole, with the window in focus, and a second shot with the keyhole in focus, then the 2 shots were merged in CS6.

Paris vue des toits

Une petite viste de Paris vue d’en haut avant mon départ.


If you go into the woods today ..

 Nestled within the trees in Surrey is a hidden location .. with a little old man and his dog guarding it. 

If you are lucky enough to stumble across this location and to not be scared off by the rather large dog that over enthusiastically barks at you on your approach then you will also be lucky enough to wander around the grounds beyond this dogs territory and see some abandoned vehicles and bits and bobs that dwell within the woods.  38 more words


Making Shapes

Shapes in the night: of buildings, of intersections, of ourselves.


Stadium Wasteland

This stadium was built in 1880 and has seen extensive redevelopments and financial difficulty over the years, up until the Christchurch earthquakes which have deemed the stadium damaged beyond repair. 146 more words