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Back Door

I find the backstreets and alleyways of a city just as interesting as the main roads and public squares. I always enjoy exploring the back spaces and what hides behind the shiny shop fronts. 54 more words

Friday Photo


I found some videos recently that I thought were very interesting. They are the work of Cecile Emeke, a black British filmmaker from London whose work explores the thoughts, memories and environments of black youth in London. 158 more words


Bicycles in Beijing

As the sun hangs low over the residential blocks, the repair man squats and passes a limp black inner tube between oil stained fingers, a cigarette hanging from his mouth. 717 more words


LEEDing The Pack

In the Chinese city of Jinan, Hang Lung is building the future. The new Parc 66 shopping centre will not only look ultra modern, it will also feature solar panels and other technology that makes it a beacon of sustainable design. 994 more words


Delhi: Between old and new

Nothing embodies the way India is modernising like the Delhi Metro. Opened in 2002, the system’s clean, marble floored stations and smooth, linked-carriage trains rival those of the most developed cities across the road. 937 more words

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