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caught in-between

caught in-between
two paths –
once intertwined
now extricated;

both looking
for the same light,
both searching
throughout the night.

by day, they say
they’re never the same… 48 more words


Fear of the Unknown.

A good friend of mine confided in me today with this statement- ” I┬áthink it’s a lot of the fear of the unknown. I can’t explain what I’m actually scared of.” 108 more words


"Why does it ever have to end?"

“I’ll never understand.”
some things end
and others
but by existing
it will never be forgotten.


Not Knowing Where You're going

Have you ever just gone out and had no clue where you’re going?
Do you ever just go out then turn back because you cant find where it is you’re going ? 101 more words


My knees buckle and eyes blur at the mere sight of her,
Any sound she makes is a melody may it be a moan roar or purr. 152 more words



I am a senior.
I have reached the ultimate grade.I am older than most every junior, sophomore, freshman, middle schooler and kindergartener. Well, older than every kindergartener for sure. 73 more words


prayers in a unknown world

what makes things so different

and what is the voice that wants

to embrace and enhance all around

and yet it still strikes a fear… 48 more words