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Why Christians should be Intolerant

 Yes, we’ve all seen the bumper stickers on the tailgates of Subaru Outbacks: “Coexist”, and among others, “Tolerance”… and whatever else is trending in the liberal world. 894 more words


Poke holes in this theology!

“God is love, and if you don’t believe it He will burn you in Hell for all eternity.”

I read this on a Facebook page I subscribe to, and it was written by John Smith.  123 more words


ISIS and the One Ring

I made myself watch the beheading video of James Foley. Not out of morbid curiosity or some sick desire for a Faces of Death show. No, I watched it because I need my faith to work in reality in all its glory and horror. 1,358 more words


Diodore of Tarsus: "the penalties to be inflicted for their many and grave sins are very far surpassed by the magnitude of the mercy to be showed to them"

“For the wicked there are punishments, not perpetural, however, lest the immortality prepared for them should be a disadvantage, but they are to be purified for a brief period according to the amount of malice in their works. 46 more words

Religious/Theological Reflections

No Gods Before Me


There was a time when I was scared. There was a time when I felt powerless in this world. A time when I did not think life was worth living at all. 4,809 more words

Jacob Israel

U is for Universalism

I used to joke with people that you had to be careful attending churches that had a ‘U’ in them. United, Universal, Unitarian, Unity, etc. They seemed either to believe in almost everything or in not much of anything.  725 more words