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Universal Consciousness and Unlimited Potential - Waking Times

May 2, 2014 | By WakingTimes | 11 Replies


Melissa Joy Jonsson, Contributor
Waking Times

“Consciousness is a word worn smooth by a million tongues. 2,656 more words

Why We Seek Truth but Will Never Know It Fully

Humans are made up of a certain type of duality: free will and limitation (self-direction and fate). The free will comes from consciousness and limitation from physical existence. 768 more words



I found myself crying the other day as I watched a heartfelt tribute by Billy Crystal to the late Robin Williams. So, why was I sat there crying over the loss of someone I didn’t personally know and whose films and comedy shows I’d only really ever watched if they happened to be on the TV (it’s not like I was an out and out fan or anything)? 863 more words


He Said What?!! Sexism Still Alive and Well in the 21st Century

So, little D comes home the other day from his birth father’s house telling his mom and I that women can’t be truck drivers. Huh? 777 more words


Dr. John Hagelin: Look Within to Understand the Universe - part 1

Many decades ago, a great scientist, Albert Einstein attempted to formulate the “Unified Field Theory,” also known as the “Theory of Everything” – a formula that marries all of the forces of nature into a single doctrine. 1,573 more words


From Manifestation to Creation

Throughout my life, a veritable series of miracles, there have been many mellifluous murmurs of manifestation. Utterances of manifesting mantras, manifesting rooms, manifesting beads, and manifesting meditations caressed my mind through the winds of growth and change. 694 more words