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Unique NAIL Art Design And Style Design And Style

exclusive nail art style with 3d texture
Nails have been utilised to make a fashion statement for a long time in the previous. Ever because then the years have flown by and even today nails are utilised to make a style statement. 18 more words

Women Ideas

“Comparison is the death of joy”

I’ve always been compared to other people.

“You can’t do this when your cousin can?”

“Why can’t you get into a good high school like your brother?”

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Want a Fan Club?

Buy This House in Our Neighborhood

There’s a house for sale on our street, and it’s not just any house, nor is it just any street. 331 more words

Express Window

I Love People ~

Through working at Haggen, I deal with a good amount of people each day. People asking me which aisle the barbecue scrubbers are in, people looking for the nearest bathroom, people informing me that someone spilled applesauce in aisle four, and people with $400 worth of groceries requesting that I haul it out to their car for them. 351 more words


Why supporting the "Ice Bucket Challenge" doesn't make me a corporate sheep

Like many others, I have recently become innundated with videos of the infamous Ice Bucket Challenge. Most are very similar, a lot are somewhat funny and quite a few are quite poignant. 1,312 more words

My Story

Have to start somewhere!

Well, this is my first official post and I am beyond excited!

My current project I am working on is a bridal shower gift. I have this issue with doing the same thing everyone else does. 820 more words


Queen of the lampshades

A couple of months ago, in a fit of excitement, I booked myself on to a lampshade making workshop at one of Exeter’s craft shops, … 250 more words