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September's Here & Summer's Over.

Hey, hey, hey ladies and gents of the internet. Time for a quick blog post before I go back into work mode and today I wish to talk about the fact that the summer is over and how September has crept up on us so quickly. 530 more words


Starting Again

“Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together”
— Marilyn Monroe

One of those feel good quotes meant to empower you and help you look to the future by seeing the good parts.

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Lovely Pizza Day

So today me and my two best friends in the whole wide world met in town for a pizza from Pizza Hut.

In the end we got a takeaway and went up to the local park and it was the nicest, hottest day yet. 227 more words


Goodbye August, Hello September.

Now my 4 month+ summer holiday from uni is coming to an end, its now time to return back for my second year.
Its has been a long summer that has strangely gone rather fast, probably as I kept my self occupied with working and booking exciting things to look forward to over the weeks. 151 more words

Media Make-up

Bad blogging and self pity

To be honest I feel like I’m in an eternal slump.

I haven’t posted in months.


I have so much going for me at the moment yet I can’t help but constantly feel stressed and tired. 239 more words

Dear Friend

Friends aren’t suppose to hurt each other like this. I’ve always forgiven but the horrible things you said and how they made me feel, how you treated me like a stupid child. 79 more words



Wow.  I almost totally forgot this blog even existed.  But now that I have suddenly remembered it (and more impressively, remember the password for the account), I figured I may as well write a post.  739 more words