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Keeping a Journal, and art...

So last time I got the mood to draw or do 3d stuff on the computer was when bRaving was manic and I was just way the fuck out there trying to find me in the rolling sea of my mind.   125 more words

Ethnomethodology and Streams of Consciousness

This was written as a project for my undergraduate theory course (SOCL 304) with Dr. Steve Groce in April, 2010.  If I find the actual instructions given for the assignment at a later time, I’ll post them, as well, to provide a little more background on the process involved in writing this paper. 3,196 more words

The Model of Rules

What problems will there be in a society with only primary rules?

Primary rules in isolation grant rights or contain obligatory impositions that regulate members of a society. 543 more words


Chaos & the Crown

Chaos & the Crown: The State of Nature and Role of the Sovereign in The Leviathan

Hobbes posits that in the so-called “State of Nature,” there exist three primary appetites that compel man to war: competition, diffidence and glory (592). 581 more words


Morality and Survival in the Lifeboat Case

The Queen vs Dudley and Stephens (1884) (The Lifeboat Case): In Victorian England, the Custom of the Sea deemed it acceptable for shipwrecked survivors to drawing lots, to see who would be killed and eaten so that the others might survive.

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Morality of the Death Penalty in Gregg -v- Georgia

Synopsis of Rule of Law: Gregg v Georgia reaffirmed the United States Supreme Court’s acceptance of the use of the death penalty in the United States. 

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Six years.

It’s been six years. Six damn years. Since what, you ask? Since I started my degree at Canada’s #1 University (according to MacLean’s Magazine). It feels  a lot longer than six years, and yet at other times, it feels like barely any time at all has passed. 421 more words