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A Beginning in the End pt.16


Found Journal Excerpts Continued


They are everywhere now. They just stumble around out there, moaning and searching for something to devour. Their smell permanently fills your nose and I can hardly eat anymore. 750 more words


The Strange, Undead Bard

He walks through the graveyard
Playing an eerie tune on the violin
Like some strange, undead bard
Calling the dead entombed within

Calling the dead entombed within… 107 more words


Your Ten-Step Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

The fact of the matter is that the zombie apocalypse is coming – we all know it, and most of us accept it. And the even harder truth is that we need to ready ourselves. 885 more words


The Tirnova Vampires

Yet another strange mix of traditions is the story of the Tirnova vampires, based on a letter written by Ahmet Sukru Effendi, that was sent in 1833 to Istanbul. 167 more words



Vampires, they’ve been around forever — or so it seems. We’ve seen the charming ones, the scary ones, the ruthless ones, and the ones who fall somewhere in between, but often we forget their origins; which for the most part didn’t arise until about the 18th century. 427 more words

Fifty-Five Short Stories by One Champion Joe

If an 8 oz. steak is delicious, a 48 oz. monster isn’t six times as tasty. After a while you get tired of chewing, the novelty wears off, and the metaphor gets really extended, concluding with doggie bags and things left in the fridge too long. 421 more words

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Brain in a Jar

Brain in a Jar

In addition to being undead, it is, simply put, a brain in a jar of preservative fluid. It is a live brain in a grimy jar filled with preservation fluid with powerful psionic abilities.  222 more words

Creatures Of Esperia