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Caller in Darkness

Caller in Darkness

A caller in darkness is an incorporeal creature composed of the minds of dozens of victims who died together in terror. It seeks to draw others into its fear wracked, hellish existence. 31 more words

Creatures Of Esperia

In the ground

Here is the cover for my short story, In the Ground. release date Jan 1, 2015, kindle exclusive.


undead-zombie-vampire update

Had a BLAST today. Well, this afternoon and evening.

Found another 8000 words and two chapters, leaving me with four chapters and 16500 words.

I’ve a funny feeling there are about sixteen chapters to this tale, or at least this part of the tale, and so will use that as my guide. 117 more words


A Beginning in the End pt.16


Found Journal Excerpts Continued


They are everywhere now. They just stumble around out there, moaning and searching for something to devour. Their smell permanently fills your nose and I can hardly eat anymore. 750 more words


The Strange, Undead Bard

He walks through the graveyard
Playing an eerie tune on the violin
Like some strange, undead bard
Calling the dead entombed within

Calling the dead entombed within… 107 more words


Your Ten-Step Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

The fact of the matter is that the zombie apocalypse is coming – we all know it, and most of us accept it. And the even harder truth is that we need to ready ourselves. 885 more words