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Unconditional Love of Man's Best friend

There aren’t many words to describe this video other than the fact that tissues will be needed as you watch this heartwrming video. It will touch your soul.


20 Things A Mother Should Tell Her Son

1. Play a sport. It will teach you how to win honorably, lose gracefully, respect authority, work with others, manage your time and stay out of trouble.  299 more words

Young Mommyhood

Kids Drink Half the Glass, but They Refill It

In the midst of a time when our family was going through one significant problem, loss, illness, or difficulty after another, a very wise woman said to me, “I guess when you have eight children you should expect more trials.” Though at the time it wasn’t really what I wanted to hear, I knew there was truth in what this pastors wife had witnessed over the years of mothering a church, and praying through all of it.  555 more words


Sharing Deepak Chopra - From The Eyes Of Love

 “In the eyes of love, all people are doing the best they can from their own levels of consciousness” – Deepak Chopra   –     I know in the society we live in this is difficult, but the more we can bestow loving eyes, the easier it becomes in all parts of our lives – Our generosity with the gift of seeing others for exactly who they are is immeasurable in its positive impact on the world.   54 more words


Mental Health/Suicide
by – Sheri de Grom

Compiled from journal notes, April 26, 1996, Washington, DC

Burdened by my bulging briefcase, I’d hoped to get a jump on the day. 1,089 more words

Mental Health Care

Better With You Than Without You (Matthew 16:13-20)

Matthew 16:13-20

One problem with a text like this one is that there’s so much going on in it. In just a few verses there’s all the speculation about who Jesus is, Simon Peter’s proclamation that Jesus is the Messiah, Peter’s name change to Rock, the gates of Hades not prevailing, the binding and the loosing, the “don’t tell anyone I’m the Messiah.” Too much to cover in a 90-minute sermon . 857 more words


What really pisses me off big time

It is time for me to vent. I had an experience this weekend that brought back memories I would rather forget. They are memories of a person in my life who did not want to meet my son, was afraid of him and simply thought she would catch what he had as if it was contagious. 290 more words