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WASH In Kaliro

I spent the last week with co2balance partners in Kaliro starting of the WASH projects and visiting project sites. It was a good exercise as I got to ensure the partners understand our expectations and that we were not pushing them to unreasonable levels and I also got to understand the experiences they face when out in the field. 276 more words


Armpit and Arabian racing

Like, I suspect, many Australians, I have always thought of racehorses (or at least the non-harnessed variety) as Thoroughbreds, but Arabian enthusiast Virginia Dodson recently opened my eyes to the part her favourite breed has played in Australian racing. 911 more words


Man arrested for raping minor

Morena: A man was arrested for allegedly raping a 12-year-old girl and making a video clip of the act, police said today.

The police also arrested a woman for helping him in the act. 110 more words


#17 - mashup

Hey Everybody!

It’s so great the half-semester is over! I hope you all have had a relaxing weekend.

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of working as a UOA Ambassador for Courses and Careers day. 734 more words


The Demons in Drug Law Reform

by Julian Buchanan 1st September 2014


At a time when it is now widely accepted we need to manage drugs differently because the prohibition of particular drugs has caused more damaged than the drugs society purported to be protecting us from, there is a risk we lurch blindly at offers of apparent positive change – without thinking more critically about what is on offer. 437 more words


Toss a coin

Along the journey of life,
In the daily to daily living,
There will always be cross roads.
Decisions to make and choices to choose.
Conflicts of the heart and the mind, 70 more words


Tiny Book Power

Just over 3 years ago – blimey, that went fast! – I posted this fabulous video about the Bronte Sisters Power Dolls.  (I still want them, by the way, if anybody was wondering!) 138 more words


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This is utterly fabulous! The Brontes were already among my heroines, but now.... I so want these to exist!