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Another BIG FAT LIE - probably for the money .

Clearly not all  LGBT activists  “lie  through  their  teeth”  about  so-called   “homophobic”  violence  and  killings  but  some  do.  LGBT  activists  need  to  do  like  some  of  the  Ugandans  have  done  and  expose  the  liars. 1,443 more words

Unlocking the potential of Africa

Written by Elliott Holley

Banking Technology

The potential of new technologies to transform financial services in Africa has long been heralded by the likes of Kenya’s M-Pesa and others. 1,451 more words

Mobile Money

White Water Rafting: A Lesson in "How Not to Die"

“Don’t die, don’t die, don’t die, don’t die. There’s a fish, there’s a rock, who cares, don’t die — I just wanna live, and keep on swimming and breathe and live — because living is good, and dying, not as good.” 347 more words


getting there

Alright folks, I’m bringing back my monthly goals. And by bringing back, I mean I’m doing it for the second time – I don’t really think that counts as an official thing. 316 more words

This Is Life


Een land leert men kennen aan de hand van de weg. Ik houd niet zo van gezegdes, maar dit geldt zeker voor Uganda. De weg is namelijk de levensader van elke gemeenschap. 720 more words

Barclays steps up investments in Uganda

As Africa continues to attract solutions to its infrastructure challenges, the Barclays group has indicated its readiness to fund some of the huge infrastructural projects in Uganda. 44 more words