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Wifi signal strengh on Ubuntu / CLI

I was setting up Aruba access points at an office, and i wanted to check the signal strengh in the corners of the office.
I only brought my Ubuntu laptop, so i went online and found this nifty command: 22 more words


GIMP : Playing with Shadows

Learning how to effectively use layers in GIMP is one of the most important aspect about retouching pictures. Layers are giving you the chance of controlling every changes you make in an image. 246 more words


Increase Laptop battery life on Ubuntu/Linux using PowerTOP

PowerTOP is a great utility which allows you to diagnose power consumption on Linux machine.It provides with lots of stats mentioning power consumption per process, per processor, per device, idle states of each core etc. 423 more words

Linux / Ubuntu

First add repository

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:paolorotolo/android-studio

Update Repository

sudo apt-get update

Now Intall by this command

sudo apt-get install android-studio

My list of Linux Basic Commands (updated)

Sometime I want to do a very very simple thing in Linux but I keep forgetting on how to do it. So this is just a list personalised only for me. 40 more words


Why do I Use Open Source?

I decided to respond to Michael Hall’s post, “Why do you contribute to open source?“, but first I will explain why I use open source and in the next post, I will explain why I contribute to it.  589 more words