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How Do You Spell Economic Growth?; The Buck Still Hasn't Stopped; Germany Puts the Brakes on Uber

Just keeps growing and growing…

New numbers are out today that wont leave you feeling numb courtesy of the Institute for Supply Management. And guess what, oh patient consumers of the US economy? 404 more words

In praise of Uber

By Tom Quiner

Millennium Park was a mob scene.

My two sons and I were at the Chicago Jazz Festival soaking up some great music over the weekend. 505 more words


Germany Bans Uber's Ride-Sharing Service, Threatens $328,225 Fine Per Ride

When your company’s goal is to disrupt the entire livery industry, current taxi and other car-for-hire operators and livery regulators are not going to like you very much. 253 more words


A picture that should keep Uber's investors up at night

Signs we have reached peak-app? Cabbie in SF running 5 dash mounted phones http://t.co/WVycnmkGuN
Thomas Purves (@tpurves) September 02, 2014

Look at all those phones!

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Germany bans Uber for all the wrong reasons

With a single court decision, Uber’s low-cost car service has been banned throughout Germany. Although the company faces potential fines of €250,000 ($328,000) per ride, it will keep operating its service while appealing the court’s decision. 400 more words

Gett Calls Out Uber For 'Playing Dirty Tricks'

The battle for taxi app supremacy has gotten ugly between Uber and Lyft, with both companies firing snarky comments back and forth and accusing each other of sabotage. 257 more words

Uber is now banned throughout Germany

This story has been updated to include a statement from Uber. 

Uber thought it was off the hook when the city of Berlin lifted a ban against the car service. 294 more words