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The Pathological State of Britain*

The Pathological State of Britain*

A Pro-Scottish Independence Speech…

By Ria Novosti

The United Kingdom as a rogue state and a danger to the world, a former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray said. 640 more words


We’ll Be Stronger Together

The Scottish National Party (SNP) is one of the most attractively crafted nationalist movements in history. It has cloaked itself in progressive liberal language; it claims to be in favor of higher immigration; it professes great friendship for neighboring nations; it is anti­militarist; and instead of focusing on the past, it champions “the future.” But in the end, like all nationalisms, it has a reactionary core. 741 more words

Leap of Faith

Yes, proclaims the sign above a former shop in Dennistoun, a down-at-heel district of Glasgow. Since July, this has been the local outpost of the independence campaign Yes Scotland. 2,778 more words

British Embassy trolls the U.S. over the War of 1812

August 24 marked the 200 year anniversary of one of the worst military defeats in America history: the burning of the White House at the hands of the British during the War of 1812.   502 more words

Social Media

The Earth,and its wealth, at night

If it were night everywhere at the same time, this is what the Earth would look like (click to enlarge). But that strange statement doesn’t explain the importance of this view. 110 more words

Back In The USA