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Easily Confused Words: Moral vs. Morel

Moral and Morel are homophones and easily confused words. The spell-check application in most word-processing programs would not catch a slip-up of these two words. Spell-check merely looks for words missing letters or misplaced letters. 169 more words

Easily Confused Words

Why it is so hard to spot your own typos

It isn’t carelessness, or lack of skill. It is just how our brains work. Read more here.

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What’s Up With That: Why It’s So Hard to Catch Your Own Typos

What’s Up With That: Why It’s So Hard to Catch Your Own Typos | Science | WIRED.

“You have finally finished writing your article. You’ve sweat over your choice of words and agonized about the best way to arrange them to effectively get your point across. 93 more words

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Right below Yu Darvish's what?

Yahoo! Sports suggests that Yu Darvish and his inflamed right below shouldn’t pitch again this season. That’s just wrong:

That’s a typo that even a spell-checker (should Yahoo!’s writers deign to use one) wouldn’t catch. 17 more words


A war on errors

Last Friday, as I posted my piece in The Kicker on the difficulty of catching your own typos, Arizona readers were poking fun at the… 315 more words


Easily Confused Words: Exercise vs. Exorcise

Exercise and exorcise are easily confused words. Spell-check in word processing programs doesn’t check homophone errors. What spell-check does is look for the words that aren’t in its internal dictionary, and words that aren’t spelled like those in its internal dictionary. 147 more words

Easily Confused Words

What a nut!

You know what’s weirder than Blueberry Hazelnut Pringles? Blueberry Hazelnet Pringles!

Thanks for that, Yahoo! Travel.