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Vinnie turns two Part 1

So Vinnie turned two years old on August 24th :D I can’t believe I’m a mother of a two-year old.

We headed to clinic for his two-year well check on August 20th. 206 more words


You can lead a horse to water...

It’s amazing to see how quick some changes can happen in a toddler. Last week he spent a stretch of seven days straight with April, and when he came back to me it seemed he’d aged a couple of months mentally. 351 more words


Picture of the day: Blue eyes.

My cousins’ daughter (my second cousin?) Elizabeth is an absolutely gorgeous child. This past weekend at my son’s party she decided she was playing up to the camera :)


Happiness is...

…bagpipes.  At least for two little girls, if you remember this post.  And the proof?  Well…take a look at the faces.


Happy Birthday, Miles!

Birthdays are only official when you have the birthday party, right? ;)
Even though Miles’ actual birthday was just over two weeks ago, for calendar issues we only ended up celebrating his birthday this past Saturday. 159 more words


Eleanor at 2 Years Old

Ellie-bug. My Little Foot.

You are changing so rapidly I can barely keep up. On Sunday you will be two years old and I can hardly make sense of it. 616 more words