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Dating Naked (Episode 7) Review

Contestant: AJ

AJ is a 30 year old pro wrestler from Berkeley, CA. He has been single for 7 years because he was focusing on wrestling. 1,349 more words

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Dating Naked (Episode 6) Review

Contestant: Greg

Greg is a computer nerd turned MMA fighter from Carlsbad, CA. He has stopped fighting due to injury. He is looking for a healthy relationship to put his history of being catfished and psycho ex-girlfriends behind him. 1,175 more words

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A Game Of Thrones Season 2

I am reviewing A Game Of Thrones Season 2 which is an excellent tv series. This series was commisioned 2 days after Series 1 premiered. It needed a 15% budget increase due to an extensive battle scene in episode 9. 221 more words


Hand Of God (Pilot)

Starring: Ron Perlman, Dana Delany, Garret Dillahunt, Andre Royo, Alona Tal, Julian Morris

Amazon has released its third batch of pilots. I’ve been excited about Hand Of God since I read that Ron Perlman was going to be involved after leaving Sons Of Anarchy. 502 more words


Married At First Sight – Conflict & Resolution (Episode 8) Review

Agenda / Comments:

I’m so excited for this one. The reason people watch reality shows is for the conflict. Up until this point, Monet and Vaughn have been carrying all the fights for the entire show. 1,001 more words

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The Leftovers 1x09 - The Garveys at Their Best

Originally published in the Diamondback on 8/26/14

It happens to us all at some point. Someone is creating problems in your life, or maybe their mere presence is causing you problems regardless of their intentions. 1,226 more words


Buffy Rewatch: 1x02 - The Harvest

Willow: Oh, I need to sit down.
Buffy: You are sitting down.
Willow: Oh, good for me. 

Buffy: God, I am so mentally challenged!

Dialogue, dialogue, dialogue. 175 more words