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I'VE BEEN IRONING and ironing and ironing.

Have you ever wondered how vintage clothing dealers present such¬†perfect examples of 100 year old clothing? I’ll share a wonderful stain remover recipe with you. 852 more words

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DIY TEETH WHITENING! The Cheap, easy and safe way! (Not Baking Soda!)

Hello! It’s been a while, and I have a small tidbit post to get the year rolling ;3

Teeth whitening. I have the wonderful habit of drinking tea in vast amounts, and while my teeth aren’t a terrible shade of yellow, they do have a wonderful tinge! 221 more words


Easy Nail Art - Easy tape design with dot pattern

Just a quickie update on a recent easy nail design guys, enjoy :)

And here’s what I used:


1. Paint you nails with a white or any other light base colour. 115 more words


Using art/paint brushes for makeup? My attempt at using Boldmere art brushes.

I recently bought 4 thin art brushes for 99p from the Works, and I wanted to try them out for eye liner. I’ve got an angled eyeliner brush, but I recently discovered that the eyeliner brush is a fake from a fake set of ecotools brushes I bought off Ebay. 225 more words


Easy Nail Art - Cherry blossom trees

School work has been plaguing me guys, but I have found some time to finally get round to using my nails art brushes!

They’re meant to be cherry blossom trees, not the best work in the world but for a first attempt I’m pretty happy! 78 more words


Easybot 1.0 - The differential wheeled robot


Ok, now I have a Raspberry Pi, a Wifi dongle, a¬†differential wheeled chassis, a L298N H-Brigde and batteries. Let’s make a robot car :) 807 more words


FOTD Friday: Back To School Drugstore Makeup For High School & College 2014 Video Tutorial

Hello my lovelies! This is for all of you junior/senior high school & college girls starting classes back up in the Fall. I wanted to make sure to get you out of the door in 15 minutes or so, and still look amazing all day! 138 more words