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Aquamarine Paradise Adventure

Guest Post: Lizard 100 Blog

The Indonesian archipelago stretches across a significant distance in East Asia. Tiny islands suspended like jewels on an ocean of a thousand aquamarine shades. 524 more words

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Eastern European Turquoise Getaway

Unfortunately, throughout my 15 country tour of Europe, I was only able to visit some destinations for a couple hours. To split up the monotony of long drives, I would stop mid-day in amazing destinations for a mere couple of hours before continuing on to the final destination for the day. 482 more words

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Through Ablania I Must Go

A country I never thought I’d ever visit is Albania. The quickest way to get to Montenegro and Croatia is through Albania so my Topdeck tour had me driving through Albania and staying in Tirana to experience a little taste of a fairly new country with a complicated political, religious, and communist past. 639 more words

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European Turquoise Bucket List Destination: Greece

One of my European turquoise dream bucket list destinations was Greece! I’ve always wanted to see the turquoise waters that surround the Mediterranean country. Finally, in 2014, I’ve made my way from Ancona, Italy to mainland Greece. 653 more words

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Overnight Ferry to Greece

Ancona, Italy to Plateria ,Greece

When I was told I would be taking an 18 hour overnight ferry journey from Italy to Greece I never expected to be sleeping on a floating city:

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The World's Smallest Country: Vatican City

I always wanted to visit the Vatican City to see the smallest country in the world and the set of famous movies like The Da Vinci Code and Twilight series (among others). 608 more words

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The Mighty Mighty Colosseum and Roman Ruins

Where do I even begin when writing about Rome’s Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and Roman Forum? These ancient archeological sites are world famous and extraordinary. The massive sites take hours to explore (if not days and days), yet it’s an experience hard to put into words. 116 more words

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