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In high school, way back in the dark ages before I had a boyfriend who could drive, I had to walk 1.2 miles to school. No, I did not walk through the snow, uphill in both directions carrying a trombone.  506 more words


Friday Night Lights

Since it’s my senior and final year as an undergrad at the University of Arizona, I decided I should invest the money into purchasing a ZonaZoo pass because a. 208 more words


Shipping up to Boston

On the next day, I drove down to Boston in order to catch the only decent flight to Arizona I could get. As I made a right turn onto I-89 South, one of the few turns that day because I was on a schedule und thus unable to take the scenic route, it became clear to me that this was it, my departure from Vermont, but most of all, the beginning of my new life. 975 more words


22 things before 22.

September 1st. Another month down, another list of things I wanted to accomplish but never did. I don’t want to get any older because time has already passed too quickly. 542 more words

Everything Else

Mindful Monday: Adaptation

Life in the desert never ceases to amaze me, the way life here has adapted to such harsh circumstances. Animals navigate rough and prickly terrain effortlessly. 74 more words