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Reflection.......The Sword of Justice!

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The Sword of Justice!
A familiar insignia of law, religion, spirituality and many esoteric endeavors! The all-warning sign you find on judicial portals and, as religious/spiritual sacred items, mementos, paintings, etc. 224 more words


Never judge a book by its cover!

“Even old doorways lead to new pathways if you’ve never walked through them”


Peace for the afflicted in these war-torn times!

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“As we take what we need in our daily life, we should remember all the innocent people suffering from the violence of war and terrorism–the children who have lost their parents, the parents who have lost their children, the maimed and injured… The pictures we see on the news of mothers crying over the dead bodies of the children are too much to bear. 44 more words


The evening prayer: an elixir for a good night rest!

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“During sleep the human spirit can come in contact still much more closely and lastingly with various power-currents, and even receive spiritual warnings, or also sudden solutions to certain questions and problems. 83 more words


Ever vibrant nature

Nature understands no jesting; she is always true, always serious, always severe; she is always right, and the errors and faults are always those of man. 40 more words


In the end, Truth and Love always prevail- - always.

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“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. 35 more words