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One day I was sitting on a bench listening to the conversations of my friends, acquaintances, and the people I hate but tolerate.
There were two couples at the bench, couples that made it past the three month mark- an astonishing feat for teenagers at this time, whose relationships never made it past a month or two. 303 more words


Sometimes you have got to lose it, to keep it all together.

I lost it the other morning.  Really lost it.

After Cameron was all dressed for school, breakfast eaten, teeth brushed, backpack packed, I let him play on his tablet.  1,107 more words

We are the many, yet we are alone...

I stumbled across this piece of art and felt it told a story… but not a fictional story. A true story. A gripping story. A heart breaking story. 444 more words

Karris Callahan

Chivalry Has (Almost) Died, Perhaps a Few Times...

Today, I’ve got my bestest friend and copilot, DiDi, helping me to recount a tale of neighborhood woe that became one of the most comical experiences we’ve had, and trust me when I say, we have had many of those… 1,000 more words

Club-running, Concerts, Chords, Conundrums, Conceptions, Creativity, Coercion, Comfort, Cognac and Cocaine.

In the very early eighties I was living in a post-war prefab just off the Old Kent Road – opposite the imposing, wrought-iron gates of Burgess Park. 5,541 more words

Younger's Fear

Recently I met an old man while I was working. A rich one, three houses in three different continents, been divorced once, two kids, a gorgeous wife next to him for almost thirty years. 146 more words

THE BETRAYAL[EPISODE 14, 15, 16, 17]

(episode 14)
……..As soon as Mike left the hostel, i felt
very empty and it looked as if i had lost
something precious, cos i really had gotten… 2,200 more words