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Labors of Love

People always relish

In the positives of love

The younger folks left wondering

How we work this stuff


I wonder if it is because

We paint them fairy tales… 35 more words


Bachelor in Paradise Love or Be Lost

The bachelorettes and Bachelors. Claire, Michelle M, Ashley, Sarah, Lacy, Marcus, Robert, Graham, Zack, Jackie. Cody, Jesse. The new arrivals were Lucy and Christy. 454 more words


The heart wants what the heart wants ....

… that’s how the old saying goes isn’t it? Love – It’s a funny old game! Only, it’s not funny and it’s not a game! 735 more words

Just Some Stuff ....

Let's Talk About Love


I grew up seeing love as something that’s just a part of life. It is defined in so many ways and contexts that I couldn’t describe. 361 more words


I Believe...

I Believe… That Just because two people argue, that doesn’t mean they don’t love each other. And just because they don’t argue, that doesn’t mean they… 479 more words

Motivation For Love

“Let not the one who eats despise the one who abstains, and let not the one who abstains pass judgment on the one who eats, for God has welcomed him… By what you eat, do not destroy the one for whom Christ died… Do not, for the sake of food, destroy the work of God.” Romans 14:3, 15, 20…

1,202 more words

A Little Introduction..

             Awhile back, I was at my in laws house, and they suggest that I write a blog. For awhile we spit balled ideas about what I should write, but honestly I didn’t really take it seriously. 422 more words