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I have installed a new ink cartridge in the printer and a message appears saying the cartridge is empty

Most remanufactured cartridges (these are ink cartridges with the print head built-in) may show that the ink is low or display empty ink levels. To overcome this you will have to instruct the printer to ignore the ink levels and allow you to continue printing. 455 more words

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Solve MSSQL Server start-up failures

Default startup options Description -dmaster_file_path Is the fully qualified path for the master database file (typically, C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.n\MSSQL\Data\master.mdf). If you do not provide this option, the existing registry parameters are used. 1,083 more words

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Saving Blackberry and Apple Jam #1: Round 1, Fight!

Tested if I could save a jar of thick set jam. Managed to thin down a 750ml jar. Had to add about 5~6 tablespoons of boiled water (about 90ml), to the jam and mix it in well. 386 more words


Fix Outlook Problems

MS Outlook is an incredible application as part of the MS Office suite. It functions as an excellent email client, and keeps you connected with friends, colleagues and family. 382 more words


24 Macam Kerusakan PC/Laptop dan Cara Mengatasinya

24 Macam Kerusakan Komputer dan Cara Memperbaikinya adalah rangkuman tentang kerusakan umum yang terjadi ada komputer kemudian bagaiman cara mengatas atau memperbaikinya. Dengan rangkuman ini semoga anda yang memiliki komputer mau untuk menjadi teknisi komputer untuk diri sendiri. 914 more words

Geek Squeak - I Really Liked 404 Tech Support's Post on "If everyone were taught troubleshooting..."

I really enjoyed reading the article by Jason Hamilton, at 404 Tech Support, on “If everyone were taught troubleshooting…”.  I think the reason it hit home with me is a recent computer issue I ran into, that literally took me a great while to solve, where numerous causes could have resulted in the effect. 196 more words


My HP printer is rejecting my compatible ink cartridges, what can I do?

Sometimes when a compatible ink cartridge is installed in a HP printer, the printer will reject the cartridge. Initially, check that the ink cartridge is the correct cartridge for that printer. 408 more words

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