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This week I posit a short idea with a long tail. Triple bottom lines. People, planet, profit.

The industrialists of the Victorian Age were birthed from a time of extraordinary achievements in science and industry. 566 more words

Climate Adaptation

Sustainability: Burden or Opportunity?

“Sustainability” is the concept of organizations moving beyond traditional financial metrics to define their company, and using a “triple bottom line” approach to incorporate economic/ financial, environmental, and social/ stakeholder issues into company management.   585 more words


the yins and yangs of marketing (an introspection on a new way to market)

(The following is a personal essay inspired by a conversation I had with a friend about developing a new ethical version of marketing for my sacred business. 1,036 more words


Enterprise essential - balance money and mission

As a social enterprise, you’re expected to balance social, financial, and environmental objectives. This will involve particularly hard decisions in an economic downturn, such as how to keep vulnerable staff who may not be the most productive, and how to maintain quality as demand for services expands without the resources to match.

Eighty Enterprise Essentials

Something positive

Sometimes it seems like everything in the news is sad and depressing. I don’t watch the evening TV news for this reason. I feel that the less negativity I expose myself to, the better. 203 more words

Global Change

Precautionary principle

* originally published in my old blog “Tales of a Finite Planet”, on 2014-06-24

I have been pondering on writing about the precautionary principle for a while. 709 more words


Triple bottom line

* originally published in my old blog “Tales of a Finite Planet”, on 2014-05-22

The pictures below show a sparse shanty town in Dock Sud, Avellaneda, a municipality just south of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in August 2006. 311 more words