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iPhone 6 launch set for September

Apple Inc. to launch iPhone 6 with enabled near-field communications(NFC) technology in September 9 2014.

This technology enables iPhone users to connect with payment terminals  or ticketing services through use of  near field communications chips. 25 more words


Will Political Bots Decide the Next Election? Probably.

Can you be manipulated by bots to change your opinion? Well, if your opinions are strong, probably nothing will change them. No advertising, no counter arguments, and probably no logic will change deeply held beliefs and opinions. 1,280 more words

RG3 posed for a selfie with all of Baylor's incoming freshmen

Robert Griffin III is having quite the day at his alma mater.

He had a 9 1/2 foot bronze statue dedicated to him outside of Baylor’s new stadium, did the coin toss, led the Baylor Line  121 more words


“YES MEANS YES” Bill Passes In California

Consent isn’t the absence of “no”, says the Californian Senate in passing bill SB 967 requiring state-funded colleges to adopt affirmative consent policies governing students’ sexual activities. 639 more words


NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick nearly flattened a squirrel during the Oral-B USA 500

Kevin Harvick was leading the pack at the Oral-B USA 500 in Atlanta when he was momentarily distracted by a furry four-legged creature scurrying across the track. 51 more words


Baylor fans rushed their newly minted field and ended up trampling each other

The Baylor University Bears are opening their season against the out-of-conference SMU Mustangs in their new McLane stadium.

Fans were chomping at the bit to get inside, and somebody decided it would be a good idea to let them rush the field to start the home opener off. 27 more words


Caroline Wozniacki is your new non-Serena U.S. Open favorite

Ever since Caroline Wozniacki burst onto the world scene with an unexpected run to the finals of the 2009 U.S. Open, she’s been described as a “defensive” player, a barely-veiled insult about her tentative play. 569 more words