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Aeroplane Seat Wars: The Passive Aggressive Guide To Dealing With Seat Recliners!

Everyone hates reclining seats and recliners on flights. It’s a fact. But how those of us who just want a little room to move without being crushed in our seats deal with them? 1,794 more words

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Exploring Russia

If you’re looking for an atypical and totally unique European travel destination, Russia should be considered a prime candidate. While it may not have been my overall favourite destination of Europe, Russia was without a doubt an interesting and worthwhile country to visit; if only because of its jaw-dropping historical sights which boast of truly unbelievable wealth from the time of the tsars. 1,371 more words


Where have I been?

Where have I been? Well, it’s been a summer full of adventures for me but one that has also required my attention to lie elsewhere. BUT, starting next week I will be sharing all of my summer travel stories and filling you in on some exciting trips planned for the Fall and Winter. 194 more words

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Why The Rainy Season Is A Perfect Time To Travel South East Asia.

I’m British, so I understand completely the unique and all consuming fascination with the weather, believe me. From an ice breaker to a social prop or conversation filler it seems like it is all us Brits ever talk about. 1,388 more words

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Long Work Weekends

Home again!  I love being on the road, but coming home feels wonderful too.  My work leads me on journeys.  This past week I discovered winding trails, small oasis retreats, historical markers, and so much more!  307 more words

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Bring Home Travel

“Every step we take is a step closer to discovering who we are meant to be.”

Our travels with Soul Experiences takes us all over this vast world.   192 more words

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