Pole sana (very sorry) my friends for keeping you waiting on this post for so long. This post is dedicated to my avid readers who have (now) successfully prodded and questioned me for my initial on-the-ground post in Arusha. 1,662 more words

First Stop - Quito, Ecuador

Since the theme to this trip so far seems to be “things don’t go as planned,” it seems only fitting that our airport pickup shuttle never showed up when we landed at 11 pm. 466 more words

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Glacial Speed - An Alaskan Timelapse

I’ve just returned home from a trip of a lifetime – a cruise around southern Alaska – and before I take you through the entire trip in depth, I thought I’d share a teaser from Glacier Bay. 234 more words


Toronto, Canada: Their Wi Fi is Spectacular/ #plate01

(Please note: lack of photos that aren’t off the Internet. Shoddy airport WiFi is not letting me transfer pictures from my phone online. I’ll come back in an edit this post later.) 692 more words


Day/Night Hats of Rue Saint - Catherine

By night: the hot & hoppin’ locale of Festival des Films du Monde, with international indie flicks projected free in front of the steps to the… 16 more words

Lake Okanagan in Canada Week 3

I thought it might be nice to describe our location at the moment. We are on the Westside of Lake Okanagan and around 45km to downtown Kelowna and the same to Vernon. 260 more words


Photographer not a terrorist.org

Consider this a PSA. Please check out this site and champion our brethren’s cause. 


It’s not just for Photographers, but for all who value freedom of imagery and protection when Big Brother infringes on creativity