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My response to WSJ's transphobic (&idiotic) op-ed:




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Oh, Bari Weiss. You’re being so glib and flippant, writing in shorthand as if we already agree with you, that I can’t tell if you’re being serious or if your… 373 more words


To not-so boldly go...

I have to admit that I am something of a Star Trek fan.  Not so much the old episodes with the 1960’s acting, politics and scenery (though I admit they are sometimes good for a laugh), but instead The Next Generation, Deep Space 9 and Voyager. 503 more words

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In the past, I have more than once deplored our dependence on celebrity spokespersons to tell our stories, despite the eloquence that women like (say) 168 more words

Transgender 101

Fuck Tumblr and the people who use it!

That’s right! Fuck Tumblr. If you are reading this blog post off of my Twitter or my Facebook page, this is not directed at you. Just pick up a bag of popcorn, and go to… 406 more words

Right Name, Wrong Name: Acknowledging Trans Identities

One major issue for trans* people is getting their right name accepted and recognized, in day-to-day use and in official contexts. Having people use the correct name is an important, and having other people (and the government) decide not to is an common feature of our experiences and oppression. 2,014 more words

Trans* Issues