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House Training a Adult Dog - Eliminating Problem

Train your adult dog is more difficult than you think. You must keep your patience until they learn your commands and training. Especially about House training , you should be very careful since your adult dog is not easy to handle. 451 more words

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Geekspeak as Cultural Literacy

Cultural literacy is a term coined by E. D. Hirsch, referring to the ability to understand and participate fluently in a given culture.

These days our common vernacular is peppered with IT-related jargon, aka “Geekspeak.” These words come up in the workplace, in school, in the home, in social settings, in books, on TV, in movies and in advertising.

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How to Clean a Dog's Anal Glands

How to Clean a Dog’s Anal Glands. Anal glands really have no purpose in dogs. These archaic organs are located beneath the skin just inside the anal opening. 475 more words

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