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Observing Traditions in Lake Toba, Sumatra

“That was back when trees were big, and rocks were big,” my friend Burku speaks of a not so distant past when the Batak Toba people believed trees were imbued with the character of spirit God’s, “but still now people will go to the top of mountain to wish good luck.” Worshipping mountains and trees may seem a strange idea, but surprisingly enough it’s not all that foreign. 283 more words

Galu Mela(Fair) at Jogindernagar |A unique confluence of faith and tradition

Galu Mela , which is organized in Galu village of Haargunain panchayat in Jogindernagar is a unique confluence of faith and tradition.Commenced with the congregation of local deities and sacrifice of a lamb. 239 more words

Himachal Pradesh

Daily Prompt: Head Turners

I was away for several days because I lost my grandmother (actually my wife’s grandmother) to multiple organ failure and we just really needed the time to reflect, grieve and think of perhaps, one of the most challenging phases we had to face as a family. 650 more words


Tradition and Scripture

Yesterday, I was continuing my reading of Fulton Sheen’s ‘Your Life is Worth Living. The Christian Philosophy of Life‘. I was reading his chapter on ‘ 1,041 more words

Fulton Sheen

Jelang Tabuik Pariaman 2014

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Quarto Kaléndas Septémbris. Luna

Quarto Kaléndas Septémbris. Luna . The Twenty-Ninth Day of August. The Night of the Moon.

Decollátio sancti Joánnis Baptístæ, quem Heródes circa festum Paschæ decollári præcépit.  711 more words