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I love coffee A LOT! I drink it every morning and every afternoon. I’d say it’s my one vice. I also like my coffee very strong. 119 more words


Trader Joe's Grocery List for Vegans

If you’ve never taken a look at the Trader Joe’s Vegan Product list, you probably should! This is one of the first things I searched for when I started my vegan journey. 407 more words


Trader Joe's Frozen Dinners

Omg.  Trader Joe’s.  Lately, this has been my favorite place to shop for groceries, and is quickly becoming one of the only places I go.  They have a huge assortment and basically everything I need in one place.   413 more words

A Day In My Life



Here’s the thing, I do not know if I need to make this a PLATED or a PRODUCT POWER post because to be honest with you, this stuff is so damn good I could eat it as a meal all on its own (I know ew, I went there).  120 more words

Cup Of Cloth

Summertime Sorbet Spritzer

Happy Labor Day everyone!  As a toast to the end of summer, I prepared a Summertime Sorbet Spritzer!  This is my take on the classic Sherbet Punch Bowl I remember having as a kid.   128 more words


The Ferocious Fours & Lunch

Have you guys ever heard of the “Terrible Fours”? Apparently it’s a thing. It’s pretty terrible and it’s actually called the “Ferocious Fours”, according to my research. 593 more words

Kid Food

Have you had Biscoff/Speculoos Spread?

It’s made out of fucking cookies.

It’s like gingerbread met peanut butter and gave birth to the most delicious high-viscosity foodstuff imaginable.

It comes in Creamy (to die for) and Crunchy (to kill for). 126 more words