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More about social conundrum - mechanism

What people don’t see – comprehend – about projecting and causing social conundrum * is:

Over time, unless one is an incredibly strong soul: social conundrum inevitably annihilates trust in other and in society as a whole.  55 more words

Media censorship in America - mechanism

Censorship happens in American media … often falling under the guise of “editing”.

(I’ve been an editor, in past years employed as one.)

It happens when someone gets an interview from someone who’s perhaps a little bolder or “outside-the-box” compared to themselves personally. 278 more words

Corporate bully-be-gone mechanism

Years ago I designed a mechanism for managing corporate bullies, using tools every mid-sized company has. It’s 100% effective as long as implementation’s complete and no one tampers with the feedback loops (loops which are part of a strong organization’s SOP). 78 more words

About approval

No healthy adult approves – or tries to approve – of another adult.

If you’re trying to approve somebody else, you haven’t yet reached adulthood for some reason or another … you may want to consider why not.  63 more words


I don’t know of any country or group of people that doesn’t at least try to protect their families, wives, children, land and resources. We protect what we care about. 35 more words

Big me and mine

Social scarcity * goes deep. There is a core belief in it that there’s just not enough to go anywhere but to ‘me and mine’.  So much so that many act directly against the interest of anybody else regardless … which is barely-veiled insanity (mental illness). 68 more words


Got together briefly with a few young folks (co-ed group) to do a short hike.

One of the guys tends to be quiet, mature for his chronological age, observant, doesn’t say much yet when he does it counts. 378 more words