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#Donbas residents race to repair #damaged #Sloviansk #school before first bell on Sept. 1

By Anastasia Vlasova.A worker plasters the wall of the School #4 in Sloviansk on Aug. 14. © Anastasia Vlasova.

A young man timidly and carefully plasters over the traces from shells on a wall of a school in Sloviansk. 545 more words


Slave of the bridge.

Every night  she crosses the bridge betwix life  and death.

Carrying the skulls of tormented souls that are of  hope bereft.

Her  shadow gently follows, as do the black birds the ravens, crows  and a soulful swallow. 185 more words

ISIS Atrocities Continue

According to The Human Rights Office in Iraq ISIS has been burying hundreds of children alive. President Obama has know about this for weeks and waited to take action against ISIS in Iraq up until now.Now he the military carrying out limited airstrikes. 321 more words

U.S. President acknowledges that his country tortured after the attacks of September 11 / September

Admitted to U.S. President Barack Obama Friday the fact that Americans torture during the term of former President George W. Bush, and Obama spoke of declassified soon for parliamentary report on the special interrogation techniques the CIA CIA Approved by U.S. 116 more words

Woman suspected to be witch stripped, tortured, 10 held

Woman suspected to be witch stripped, tortured, 10 held

Ken Blackwell in the Return of the Mack

Bravo to Ken Blackwell’s talent of constantly sizing up Conservative voters as a source of money, power, sex, or influence. This time it’s immigration reform and by vilifying Democrats, manipulators like Ken Blackwell are making a come-back. 141 more words

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