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Truth or Dare -- I Choose Truth

Many of you saw the post on my FB page from my friend Mary Carr Melkonian asking what I thought about a certain article. The article warns about using undiluted essential oils. 612 more words

Review- Madame X at Grimeborn 26/8/14

Whichever production I see, I am always excited to be at the Arcola for the Grimeborn festival. Having heard quite a bit about Madame X from its composer Tim Benjamin I was sure the evening would throw up some interesting questions. 552 more words


My brain hurts!

It’s been reported that some U.S. “soccer moms” are suing FIFA over young children being allowed by the rules of football to head the ball too often, thereby risking brain injury. 60 more words


Autism body recognises museum

I got my copy of the Museums Journal (September issue) today and I was thrilled to see the headline above in the News section. The Royal Air Force Museum… 121 more words


Is a nail polish that detects date-rape drugs actually a bad idea?

There’s a real-deal “date rape” nail polish coming out in the near future called “Undercover Colors.” Created in hopes of destroying date rape drugs once and for all, this polish changes colors whenever it comes in contact with Rohypnol, Xanax, and GHB. 119 more words

Date Rape

A Reasonable, Level-Headed Gun Enthusiast Suggests Small Gun Control Changes

Guns have been part of my life since the day I was born. I mean that literally. My father pushed the barrel of a tiny .22 into my mother’s vagina, I grabbed on, and he pulled me out. 657 more words

My Jeremy Paxman Review


Hi All,

Last Friday, Eddie and I went to see Jeremy Paxman perform his Edinburgh Fringe Festival set. Given that interrogation is usually brought about… 1,420 more words

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