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And for the curious among you

It says “friendship.”

Thank you, internet. You truly do know everything.

Watch for the Lightning!

Tolkien’s end of the age scenario in the Lord of the Rings contrasts completely with the one Jesus described on Mt. Olivet. Gandalf trusted Frodo to destroy a ring filled with corrupt power and to keep it hidden from evil enemies who could abuse it. 257 more words


Meditations on the Tarot

It has been an unexpected joy for me– this (past) spring and summer –to delve into the history, mystery, and lore surrounding Tarot cards.  My focus has been on their philosophical and theological significance– and also, in a Jungian sense, on their… 1,655 more words

Christian Vision

Featured Author: Amanda June Hagarty


Born and raised around Vancouver, BC Canada, and now residing in Bellingham, WA, Amanda is a west coast girl through and through. She earned a BA in Psychology from Simon Fraser University. 1,050 more words


5e codename

True stories of fifth edition – the overall project, the game, the playtest, etc was codenamed Anduril. obvious ref for Tolkien geeks.

— Mike Mearls (@mikemearls) July 4, 2014

Digital Painting - Riding Towards Faith

I did this digital artwork about a week ago. The image portrays a rider, obviously, riding on a big fantasy dog/wolf towards his faith. In fact, this drawing is an illustration from a specific moment in my own story. 307 more words