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Technology and the Riots in Ferguson

We thought that they days of segregation and water hoses were a distant thing of the past. We thought that when Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Angela Davis, and all these other brave people who put their lives in danger for the freedom of our race, that we would never have to go through this again. 587 more words


Between Things

Between lives,
Yours and mine,
Separated by a theoretical tissue,
Invisibly indestructible,
The lining between sides of a mirror,
Capable of the unexplainable
Distorting life and… 36 more words


Love begets love

Everything else is just as ephemeral as shifting sand. This is exactly how I felt at every single moment that I saw his eyes speaking while he hushed little words in that subtle manner I oh so love. 476 more words


One Word to Boost Employee Motivation

In a Harvard Business Review article titled “Managers Can Motivate Employees with One Word,” Heidi Halvorson discusses an interesting study in which groups of individuals were tasked with solving various puzzles. 341 more words