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Alive Museum - Singapore

WARNING: This entry is photo-heavy and contain spoilers of the content of the museum! If you’re thinking of visiting this museum and want to keep the element of surprise, you may want to give this post a miss. 8 more words


Aquarium Tunnel - Las Vegas, Nevada


Illustrator: loujen haxm’Yor

Photo Title: ‘Yor Feet

CGI Artwork: A composite of my feet and an aquarium tunnel at one of the Las Vegas casinos. 12 more words


Slang - Australia

I’ve been down under for a month now, and every time I talk to my parents or friends I have to key them in to what I’m talking about when I use Australian slang. 166 more words


Nap - Sheffield, England

There is always time for a nap // 25 06 14

Beautiful image! :)

Check out Manadh Photography !


Woods - North Of Toronto, Ontario

Barefoot Stoner Girl

… in the woods …

Nice shot! :)

Check out stonergirlsguide !


Festival Fringe - Edinburgh, Scotland

I’m attaching yet another toemail-ready photo, from my recent trip with my 16-year-old son to the Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland.  We were both surprised to see the shape of the toilet, so it figures that I included a picture of that in this post: 27 more words


Peaceful - Hoi An, Vietnam

During this voyage I realized that traveling alone is the biggest experiment I can conduct on myself. I say that because since I am the only person making decisions in new places, I can see the immediate results of my decisions and how exactly I react to new environments. 134 more words