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This Is What Pregnancy No. 3 Looks Like

As the first of my friends to get pregnant three years ago, maternity photos were nowhere on my radar. But now it seems a glance at social media isn’t complete without stumbling upon one of these gestational shoots, a veritable milestone for the modern prego. 1,134 more words


Sleep Training

We have a small house. Our only boy has his own room (although he has to share it with our extensive library) and our four girls share a room. 771 more words

Playing to Learn

As we (Ava, Ashelyn, and I) have worked on our schoolwork, we’ve added a few other things that are working like a charm in holding their attention. 376 more words


Great Ideas For Raising Confident Children

Ever wonder why some children seem to understand their world better than others? Have you noticed the shy child under a playground or tucked away while the others play? 84 more words

The Likely Dads are getting together this Saturday!

Just a wee reminder from Mairianne, our Parent & Toddler Coordinator, that The Likely Dads are meeting up in the Free North Church in Inverness this Saturday (30th August). 30 more words


Baking with Toddlers: Chia Berry Apple Crumble

Fig and I spend most of our time outdoors. During the week you can usually find us hiking in our local canyons, at the beach or playing at our neighborhood park. 515 more words

Cooking With Toddlers