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I'll Be There for You

If you’re old enough for the “The Rachel“, then you’re too old for an apple bonnet. 9 more words

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Double Standard

When I do it on the wall it’s a punishable offense, but when a grownup does it on a pair of pants it’s $42. Is there no end to the hypocrisy? 8 more words

Kids Fashion

Starkweather August 23rd OOTD

Carter’s top, leggings, gold sandals, Target glasses, Crayola chalk.


Draw me like one of your French girls, Jack

Asked for a pink horsey sweatshirt, got a lecture about the evolution of over-sexualized childhood icons. Soooo … am I getting the sweatshirt? Or no? 10 more words

Kids Fashion

How Important is Gender to You?

- “What a cute girl you have!”
- “Thank you. He is a boy.”

When you have a newborn, you would imagine that all babies look like a boy baby because you are so genderless when you enter this world. 315 more words

3 Favorite Ways To Wear Headbands

The ways to wear headbands can vary depending on your hairstyle and the type of headband you’re wearing. Today look I’m wearing Luccia Guerra Headband… 165 more words

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