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The morning before cousin Bob arrived, Melissa invited me to go canoeing on nearby Lake Kokanee.

It isn’t a very big lake, just right sized, with smooth as glass waters. 304 more words

My Dog Toby

My dog Toby is very annoying and will not stop leaving me alone. And he always poops in my room! And every time I eat he always gets under the chair and licks my toes. 61 more words


Pretty Little Liars fatal finale!

Last Tuesday the season finale of Pretty Little Liars aired. For weeks they had been counting down to this episode because a main character will die. 157 more words

Toby The Teacher

Andrew and I always tell Toby, ‘Do you know you live a better life than most people in the world, and you don’t even know it.’ 576 more words


Park Pictures

These are a couple of pictures from the park that I took a few days ago. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Life Updates

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Trissiny perched in a hard wooden chair; it was the only one that lacked armrests to tangle up her sword when she sat. 6,203 more words