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Bargain Book: Watch out for falling rock! A mountain town and its rugged mayor captivate a woman in search of a new life and love.

     Funny and frank, poignant and perceptive, when two people are “Falling Like a Rock,” they learn surrender sometimes means victory. My new women’s novel, Falling Like a Rock, at a special promotional price of 99¢ for a few days, in electronic version. 173 more words

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What do you think about this one?

Clipped from Article, L.A. Councilman Proposes Tightening Rules Against ‘Mansionization’

As the economy recovers and housing values bounce back, “there’s too many opportunities for developers to build these giant, blocky McMansions,” Koretz said. 18 more words

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A Door For The Rich / A Door For The Poor??? Aren't We In 21 Centry America?

WeHo Commission Votes on Controversial Housing Development That Sought to Separate Rich, Poor.

Clipped from article:

A controversial West Hollywood housing development that had called for separate amenities for low-income residents — including a pool they could not access — has failed to gain the approval of the city’s Planning Commission. 9 more words

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Hello There,


    It would be nice if some of those investors, realtors, and real estate agents would stop using the USPS to insult us.


   We had hoped that it would have stopped by now, but we’re still receiving those mailing with obvious insults. 116 more words

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The very decision to buy a house requires devotion and hard work.

For the average person, seeking to buy a house for their own personal home, is looking to stabilize their life and plant feet on solid grounds. 788 more words

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Publication of a book these days requires an author to be facile with social media. I’m still learning, but I do have TWO guest blogs now up. 151 more words

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Tipsy, Wobbly, Everyday Life

Appearing on Danielle Thorne’s blog, “The Balanced Writer,” 7/25 through 8/2/14, “Tipsy, Wobbly, Everyday Life. . .Plus a book give-away.”  Balance becomes a challenge as we age.   54 more words

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