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The Time Has Come

I can’t believe that it’s actually happening. I’m actually moving to France tomorrow. TOMORROW. What. A. Stress.

In truth it hasn’t been all that stressful, I’m pretty sure (!) I’ve got everything sorted and I’m prepped, but I really can’t ignore the sense of impending doom and little voice in my head telling me that this is the biggest deal ever and why aren’t I freaking out more?! 272 more words


To do list #14: Travel to Batam

Fiance and I had a one-day batam trip before the fasting month. It was quite impromptu cos the deal that I got was finishing soon and I wanted a break so I just bought the deal without discussing with fiance. 477 more words

To Do List


29. Visit Every County in Ireland –┬áPart xv

I had to go to Ballyliffen in Co. Donegal for my uncle’s wedding. I’d never been to Donegal (much to the horror of friends and co workers) so I forgave the 200 mile round trip. 843 more words

To Do List

Friday list, last of August!

Well, A and I had all sorts of good plans for a week off at the same time this coming week. But now she has to work all week. 225 more words


back in the groove

Starting with a blank page, it’s easiest to just make a list. Once you start, other things quickly come to mind.

Driving around, we spotted a fried chicken place next door to a gynecologist. 31 more words


Getting ready for "Winter"

Yes I said the “W” word, the one we hate to say b/c if we say it too load it’ll be here quicker than we want it… 534 more words

Getting Ready


So in order to get this thing started, I thought it would be good to lay out some long and short-term goals. These are in no particular order. 349 more words