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Today I’m feeling like shit, but what else is new right?

The latest in my saga is the addition of a puppy into my life, Truman. 299 more words

Journal Entries

Searching over grey

Somewhere over the darkness

grey skies of morning rain

tempered in humidity

wring out the skin

new day

begin again.

he sings to me

tired eyes looking for that first spark… 88 more words



Wow.  I almost totally forgot this blog even existed.  But now that I have suddenly remembered it (and more impressively, remember the password for the account), I figured I may as well write a post.  739 more words

Let's swim in self-pity.

Today has been one of those days. I didn’t get much sleep and when I woke up, groggy and pale-faced, the first thing to touch my mouth was a cigarette. 183 more words

Let's Talk For A Moment

Reeces Pieces for Breakfast

Don’t judge me.

Last night, around eleven while I was driving my wife and I home from a spectacular wedding of a college friend, I had the nagging feeling that I should be remembering something. 285 more words

How I Did Yesterday

Have recovered from my tiredness and filled everything into my fitness pal:

I guess you can see why I was so tired. So, remember I set goals for myself? 110 more words


Back In The Land of The Internet

As so many blog posts all over the wide world of the web start, I apologise for not updating in about two weeks. I am so sorry. 252 more words