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Siapa Bilang Tiada Makan Siang Gratis

Tiada makan siang gratis, atau sering kita dengar difilm barat sebagai: There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. Istilah (atau ungkapan?) free lunch… 196 more words

Tip Dan Trik

Yep, just talking for fun.

Tables that don’t listen.


I am trying to help you.

You came here for food and drink, I am your middle man.

Please pay attention to me. 560 more words


Misc tip

Have same set up for lines, monitors, etc, every time so that when things change this is constant, and when you need to respond quickly you know where things are, because there are always there.


CVC extension tip

On one port of CVC line attach a 20cm or 50cm extension so that it is way away from neck so you can easily access it without needing to rummage under drapes.


My Tips For Weight Loss & Booty tone & Shape

Hi Everyone Here Are My Tips For Weight Loss & Booty Workout(Tone & Shape)

1.A Goal-Is most important!!!!Setting a goal is important it helps you know what workouts you should do depends on what part you wanna work and it also MOTIVATES you-Important for everything!!!! 130 more words


How to remove "Bobbles" from clothes

Do you have a favourite top, jumper, or cardigan that you never get tired of wearing but you cant any more because its got BOBBBLES ALL OVER IT :( !?! 117 more words


Fitness Friday #2: 5 Tips on How to Power Through a Tough Run (That Really Work!)

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

That doesn’t make the going any less tough. But theseĀ tips should really help! SometimesĀ it just does not feel good to run. 583 more words