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Ranking the Official James Bond Films

Growing up, I was fascinated with James Bond. The same uncle who made me obsessed with Godzilla and Star Trek, also gave me my Bond obsession. 147 more words


'Penny Dreadful': The Saving of Monsters

‘Penny Dreadful': The Saving of Monsters

Many times when people discuss vampires in literature they usually begin to discuss two specific time periods in literature, these may be the modern paranormal romance… 732 more words


Blayne's Infallible Power Rankings: The Better Bond

In the last 6 months I have watched through the Bond library, excluding the non-canonized Bonds (Casino Royale (1967) and Never Say Never Again… 624 more words

Aston Martin

Licence to Kill

This review is part of Project Bond, wherein over the course of 2014 we watch all of the James Bond movies in production order. 856 more words


My Favorite Bond Gun

There is no denying that Agent 007 has used some really cool gadgets over the years. From submersible cars to x-ray glasses, his equipment is always top-shelf and cutting edge. 221 more words

That Voice

During a television interview while she was involved with Timothy Dalton, Whoopi Goldberg said something that resonated with me about her attraction to him. She leaned forward and canted her head as she is wont to do and lifted her finger to her ear explaining that Dalton had the kind of voice that a woman wants to wake up to, “right here.” 367 more words