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It Does Not Hurt To Ask.....usually

Call it cliche or wisdom, the phrase “It does not hurt to ask” seems simple enough. Is it?

First of all, it depends what the request is? 632 more words

Ron Siliko

Tim Ferriss and Richard Feynman

Tim Ferriss has an innovative way of looking at the issue of learning. His main point is that we can go about learning with greater efficiency if we follow some simple rules. 53 more words


Day 19: Four Hour Freak - 3 books and a blog that changed my life.

If you haven’t guessed already I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to personal development and self-help books. It was the words of Will Smith in an interview he did on an episode of Oprah which spurred on my eagerness to learn. 281 more words

9 Week Challenge

Challenge #1: Meditate for 21 Days Straight. Part 1.

I am not what the kind of person who is immediately tagged as a yogi.  I talk fast, exclaim with my hands, and am not exactly serene by nature. 322 more words

7 Ludicrous Lies You Keep Telling Yourself

There are so many lies that society ingrained inside of you, that you adopted as you own. From your parents to your teachers, these lies snuck into your life, without you even realizing it. 941 more words


Evil Tricks To Burn Fat

Picture of me on the left – weight 205 lbs

Picture of me on the right – weight 155 lbs

It’s been several years since I went from fat to six pack abs.   698 more words

4 Hour Work Week

A Simple Way to Be a Better Writer - or Better Anything

I listen to the Tim Ferriss podcast on a regular basis. I know many people find him personally disagreeable, egotistical, self-centered with a narcissistic self-hatred just barely masked by his bravado. 523 more words